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Unraveling Anxious Times: Parenting Strategies for the Modern World

August 21, 2023 Switch Research Season 1 Episode 72
Therapy Talks
Unraveling Anxious Times: Parenting Strategies for the Modern World
Show Notes

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In this week's episode, Dr. Alonso steers our conversation towards the captivating realm of parenting, kids, teens, and the challenges they encounter in our modern, anxiety-laden world. A specialist in mood disorders and family relationships, with a background in forensic psychology, Dr. Alonso has a unique perspective that's bound to captivate listeners of all backgrounds.

Tune in to discover the delicate balance between permissiveness and boundaries in parenting, and learn how to adapt your approach based on your child's temperament. And speaking of adaptation, Dr. Alonso's emphasis on attachment theory and the importance of secure emotional connections within families will leave you inspired and motivated to foster deeper connections with your loved ones.

In This Episode:

  • Discover the significance of attachment theory in fostering healthy family relationships.
  • Gain insights into the rising levels of anxiety and depression among children, teens, and families.
  • Learn the art of balancing boundaries and permissiveness in parenting, adapting your approach based on your child's unique temperament.
  • Delve into the vital aspects of effective parent-child relationships.
  • Take away the encouragement to embrace your imperfections as a parent and mend any ruptures in your relationships. 

Dr. Thai Alonso holds a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. Her expertise encompasses bilingual (English and Spanish) psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions for individuals across the age spectrum, spanning outpatient clinics, inpatient units, partial hospitalization programs, psychiatric emergency rooms, and private practice.

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