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What is Mindfulness? A Mental Health Breakdown with Dr. Sheena Revak

August 24, 2023 Switch Research Season 1 Episode 74
Therapy Talks
What is Mindfulness? A Mental Health Breakdown with Dr. Sheena Revak
Show Notes

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This week we are thrilled to have therapist Dr. Sheena Revak as our guest. Dr. Revak reshapes our understanding of mindfulness, revealing how it goes beyond meditation and providing practical tips for integrating it into daily life. We discover how mindfulness can ease anxiety, combat stress, and even transform perspectives on subjects like quantum physics and near-death experiences. Join us as we break the stigma around mental health and empower a new generation to embrace well-being.

In this Episode:

  • Learn how mindfulness can enhance every aspect of life, from work to meals.
  • Explore how meditation complements mindfulness in reducing anxiety.
  • Dr. Revak unveils the true essence of mindfulness – it's a daily practice of non-judgmental awareness.
  • Practical Tips: Dr. Revak shares actionable advice for starting your mindfulness journey today.
  • Dr. Revak discusses her scientific perspective on near-death experiences, including Dr. Eben Alexander's transformation.

Dr. Sheena Revak is driven by a profound passion for guiding individuals towards perceiving mental health as an ongoing journey rather than a fixed endpoint. With an extensive career spanning nearly two decades in the mental health domain, she has held diverse roles including that of a Psychology Professor, Psychotherapist, Neurotherapist, Psychometrist, Psychometrician, and Director of Research and Operations at a non-profit mental health clinic. Her wealth of expertise is a valuable asset she brings to her work.

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Instagram: @dr_sheena_revak
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